Prison Inmates



To be sentenced to prison is among the most stressful depressive events in a prisoner’s life. Prisoners are under huge stress mentally and physically, leading to psychological changes that lead to depression. Prison Inmates, most time, are treated unfairly because of the stigma of being attached to a “criminal” which in some cases is not true and has led to them having sleeping disorders, negative thinking with broods upon hate and anger, overthinking, lack of confidence, low self esteem, sadness, behavioral changes and so much more.


Much have been said of the negative impacts of going to prison but Gate Of Zion Ministry indeed works towards having counseling sections to help them talk through their feelings, aid personal growth, and to know that people are looking out for them. We bring the Word of God to them to remind them that they are still in God’s plan and He loves them so much. Food, visitations, clothing materials, and various support systems are some of the help we seek to render to these inmates.


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