Our Philosophy


  1. From the greatest blessing can come the greatest fall. Privilege never guarantees success.
  2. Privileges demand responsibility. We must never therefore take our privileges for granted or in time we may become disqualified.
  3. Our privileges must be seen and used in view of divine goals and priorities. They are never an end in themselves.
  4. When our lives become wrapped up in our privileges and the blessings of God rather than in God the Blessor, we lose the real joy of the blessing and fall into the empty pursuit of the details of life which, rather than providing satisfaction, can disqualify us.
  5. In the light of the peril, we must walk circumspectly; we must take heed to our walk, keep our eyes on the Lord, and use our blessings in Christ for godly living. If we will do this, we will develop the ability to handle CONCERNS in the lives of others and avoid disqualification.



Recognize and know the times in which we live in our diverse communities and by extension the world and the danger this poses to our spiritual lives



Gates of Zion Ministry’s commitment is absolute priority of “going forth from ourselves toward our brothers and sisters” as one of the two great commandments which ground every moral norm and as the clearest sign for discerning spiritual growth in response to God’s completely free gift.



We establish a program to train and mentor new volunteers and traditional owner rangers. We also develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess joint management effectiveness for the Gate of Zion Ministry arrangements work for the departments to know whether the arrangements themselves are functioning effectively.