Meet Our Team


We are proud to work alongside these amazing people and are inspired by their support in helping people in poverty. We are grateful for their help in our mission to reaching out to the less privileged in our society and the world at large.

Glory E. George
President, Gate Of Zion Ministry

Lady Evangelist Glory E. George is an astute Evangelist and humanitarian with passion to touching lives of others according to Biblical terms. As a humanitarian, she is always actively engaging in promoting human welfare and social reforms with no prejudice with human suffering on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions.  She is the Founding president of Gate of Zion Ministry worldwide.

She is a Theologian, Public Intellectual, a Prophetess and a teacher of the gospel with divine mandate to raising and nurturing youths and children to reaching and maximizing their potentials. 

She is currently running her Doctor of Philosophy in Theology and Human Development at Godman Soteria Academy of Theology.

She has assiduous passion for return to patristic and medieval Apostolic hermeneutic models to reading the scripture theologically into a coherent and faithful understanding for application.  She is most known for her work related to free welfare services targeting youths, children, homeless, people with disabilities, motherless, victims of disasters, widows, Addicts, inmates etc.

Through conferences, Symposia, workshops and seminars, she has been meeting the needs and touching people’s lives around the world.  With her invaluable experiences and priceless knowledge of Jesus Christ and mentorship of church leaders, she has been inculcating in the vulnerables around the world the ability to love and to serve humanity in God’s humble way and reaching the world with the love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

She is the MD/CEO of Dupsyglo Restaurant: an intercontinental food company in the heart of Federal Capital territory Abuja, Nigeria.

Professor Bank-Ola Steve
Vice President, Gate Of Zion Ministry

Professor Bank-Ola Steve is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Programmes at Gate of Zion Ministry. He is a Christian Chaplain, a Theologian, Public Intellectual, a Prophet and a teacher of the gospel with divine mandate to raising Christian leaders and building intellectual capacity for the body of Christ.  He had been a visiting professor to many Christian Universities and Christian theological seminaries in Nigeria and Abroad. He is a distinguished service Professor of Theology, Theological Ethics & Human Development, a Psychotheologian, Spiritual Scientist and a licensed Christian Counselor.
He studied and earned Doctoral degrees in various Christian ministries spanning: Christian Counseling, Theology, Divinity, Missions, Biblical Law, Christian Education, Ethics, Church Management &   Administration, Leadership and Human Development.   He has assiduous passion for humanitarian services.  He is a consultant to many Christian Ministries, Churches, Colleges, Universities and Theological Seminaries in Africa and around the world.
Through conferences, Symposia, workshops and seminars, he has been meeting the needs of the church to developing spiritual sensibility in the biblical exegesis, determination, application and the defense of God’s revealed truth and principles. Also, meeting the psychological, social, economic and spiritual needs of the church, preparing them to discover their purposes to making their own contributions in line with scriptural principles to do exploits in their callings.  This would enhance quality leadership and congregation in the church, promote better society and prepare the world for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
He was the Dean Academics at Levites Christian University till 2013. He was the Chancellor at Godman Soteria Academy of Theology   2013 – 2017.  He is the Rector of Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary  2017 till date. He is a Theological Committee Member- International Church Council   - Coalition On Revival – ICCP COR. He is a Brigadier General in Chaplaincy Organization of Nigeria.



Recognize and know the times in which we live in our diverse communities and by extension the world and the danger this poses to our spiritual lives



We establish a program to train and mentor new volunteers and traditional owner rangers. We also develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess joint management effectiveness for the Gate of Zion Ministry arrangements work for the departments to know whether the arrangements themselves are functioning effectively.



In the light of the peril, we must walk circumspectly; we must take heed to our walk, keep our eyes on the Lord, and use our blessings in Christ for godly living. If we will do this, we will develop the ability to handle CONCERNS in the lives of others and avoid disqualification.